RPA President Tim Debus Discusses the Important Role of Pallets in Reusable Transport Packaging Systems

Produce Business, a leading publication in the fresh fruit, vegetable and floral industry, recently interviewed RPA President & CEO Tim Debus, about the use of pallets within the produce supply chain. Tim emphasized the important role pallets of all types play in a comprehensive system of reuse. “Pallets are the core platform that allow for the distribution of fruits and vegetables that are moved through the supply chain….when you’re looking at transport packaging, pallets are very representative of the types of products that we advocate in a system of reuse. That’s the key; we focus on the reusability of these pallet platforms within a system that achieves the performance, cost savings and, of course, offers a lower environmental footprint in its use.” Read the full article here to learn more about how reusable pallets are today’s way to move perishable products.

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