Reusable Transport Packaging

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Reusable Transport Packaging (RTP) options are available to move all kinds of food products, including ingredients and shelf stable and perishable foods, at every stage in the production, harvesting, processing, distribution, and sales cycle. RTP is used in smartly designed systems to facilitate packing, pallet unitization, load stability, automation, handling and product protection while moving efficiently and safely across the supply chain.

What is RTP?

Reusable Transport Packaging generally includes pallets, bins, bulk and hand-held containers, tanks, totes, trays, and dunnage products for the movement of goods in commerce. RTP can be made from any durable material that achieves lasting reuse in a waste-preventing system.

After each use, RTP is recovered, cleaned, refurbished or re-manufactured as necessary, and repositioned for continuous use. Through reuse, RTP offers a rapid return on investment and a lower total cost-per-trip than single-use packaging products while creating more efficient storage, handling, and distribution of products at all points in the supply chain.

For a comprehensive list of reusable packaging suppliers and service providers, visit the RPA Reusables Marketplace.

Examples of RTP

  • Pallets
  • Racks
  • Bins
  • Tanks
  • Containers, Crates and Totes
  • Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs)
  • Trays

Example Industries Using RTP:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Agricultural harvesting
  • Food, beverage, and ingredient processing
  • Meat, Dairy and Egg suppliers
  • Fresh Produce suppliers
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
  • Electronic manufacturing and assembly
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers and distributors
  • Retailers, Wholesalers, and Food Service distributors and operators
  • US Postal Service, Delivery and Courier Services
  • And more…
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